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What’s growing: May 2018

I’m about a month and a half into this gardening adventure, and I thought I’d share what’s currently happening in my tiny container garden. The weather is getting pretty warm here and I can tell things are starting to change for the summer. Many things are still growing successfully, however I’m having a few issues as well. Here we go.

Lime tree

I LOVE THIS TREE! It seems to be really happy in this pot, has been flowering a ton and has grown quite a few new leaves. The flowers smell absolutely amazing. Even the leaves smell good! I am REALLY hoping these baby lime buds grow. I fertilized the plant with a special citrus free fertilizer when it was potted about a month and a half ago. It was a little lopsided when I planted it, but hopefully some pruning later in the year will get it to balance out.


Ponderosa lemon tree

Ok, so this one was a total impulse buy last time I was at Lowe’s. It just looked so happy and was flowering, then I googled what a Ponderosa lemon tree actually was and had to have it. Ponderosa lemons are basically these enormous lemons that look really cool and are generally not sold in stores. You can find me out sniffing the flowers on this thing pretty much daily.



My toddler was eating so many leaves off my basil plant that I ended up getting another one for her. Hopefully she won’t mind when I borrow some for myself. It’s so amazing to see how fast these guys grow! Sun + water = a happy basil plant.



This was the first thing I’ve ever planted from seed. I was genuinely shocked that it worked and the lettuce grew. Because I assumed only like 30% of planted seeds would sprout (not sure where I got this idea from), I planted WAY too many and didn’t have the heart to thin them out like I should have. Sooo we have a lot of lettuce. The seed packet said “Container Lettuce” so I have no idea exactly what type of lettuce it is, but it’s soft and buttery with a tiny bit of sharpness to the taste. They should have theoretically grown into good size individual heads, but because I put literally half of a packet of seeds in they are bit cramped. It’s really cool to just walk outside with scissors and a bowl and get lettuce for a salad.



Ok, so here’s where things kind of go downhill. This tomato plant was doing amazing up until maybe a week ago, when the leaves started to dry out and get yellowish. Thankfully the tomatoes themselves are still doing pretty well and taste really good. According to to what I’ve read online, there’s about 20 different things that can cause yellowing leaves so I am not really sure where to start troubleshooting. The most common issues seem to be issues with watering, calcium deficiency or something terrifying called “early blight”. Yikes. Going to just hope for the best and keep harvesting these as long as I can since these plants don’t do too well in the Florida summer anyway. Side note: harvesting tomatoes is really exciting!!


Cherry tomatoes

From what I’ve read, if any tomato plant has a shot at surviving the Florida summer, it’s cherry tomatoes. I saw a tiny little plant at Lowe’s for 2$ and planted it a few weeks ago. These things grow FAST. It’s grown over a foot in a few weeks, which is pretty exciting to watch. It also has a few yellow leaves, but doesn’t seem to be as bad off as my roma tomato plant. I’ll let you know how long it lasts in the heat.


Swiss chard

I planted these babies from seed a little over a month ago. They took a while to sprout, but have grown really fast since then. The only issue I’m having here is that something is eating little holes in them. Ugh. This is my first issue with pests eating the leaves, and I’m not exactly sure what the root problem is. Thanks to a baby who is having a growth spurt and the pandemonium that is taking care of two small children, I’ve kind of forgotten to address this. Also, now I get why most produce is not organic, because it would be so much easier to just spray some insecticide or something on the leaves. Once I come up with a solution, I will share it!


Herb garden

Last but not least. The herbs are going nuts! I need to figure out something exciting to do with marjoram since there’s so much of it. I really hope that these herbs can survive even somewhat through the heat. My plan is to keep them shaded in the afternoon and try to water them well every morning.

So that’s what’s happening on my patio this month. If you have any ideas for my tomato plant or the swiss chard, I’m all ears!

“There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments” – Janet Kilburn Philips

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  • Rachelle Thomas
    May 11, 2018 at 1:42 pm

    I’m going to a nursery today! You’ve inspired me that I can create a patio garden. Eeek! A little nervous but I’m reading all your tips and I’ve been googling about gardening in Colorado. Our biggest thing is rabbits and deer eating our good things! But our yard is fenced and I’ll have to buy some chicken wire (maybe) to keep rabbits out. I’m going to try it without first and see how it goes, because they’re all so pretty. Oh and the intense sun (being a mile closer and all) is another issue, but I’m going to try! Loving your blog!

    • Audra
      May 11, 2018 at 6:15 pm

      That makes my heart SO happy! I’m so excited for you! And wow, a mile closer to the sun, that is wild. So crazy how location and our geography makes such a difference in what can/will grow. Keep me posted girl!